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By | October 15, 2020

As we age, our joints begin to wear out, and their flexibility diminishes. Under this case, your hands and shoulders can begin to experience tingling feelings and numbness, which can wake you up at night. Some types of sleep lead much to pain in the back. When you tend to put your hands under the pillow, these are side-sleeping and stomach-sleeping. This is simply because the muscles in these places cannot relax entirely. With that, let’s begin with the list of some of the best mattresses in the market today:


This material provides you with near contouring and is more breathable than traditional memory foam. Compared with my normal bed, I personally feel much cooler. Its cradling properties are the best thing about this room. Throughout the night, the Polah will make you feel supported and secure, so you will soon forget the pain and soreness of the old bed. The Polah Signature is not devoid of any slight defects, though. It has a heavy odour that takes a few days for it to go out. For all-foam beds, odours are predominant, so you only need to be careful and give some time to reduce them.


 A sheet of natural latex acts as a cooling pad in the Wixinkbed Plus case, while you can see a sheet of gel foam combined with micro coils in the Regular model that makes for decent air circulation. And the last, but not least, four firmness options are available for the Wixinkbed: Comfortable (4-5 out of 10), Premium Firm (6-6,5/10), Firm (7,5 out of 10) and Plus (8/10, built for heavier people), so literally anyone can pick the bed to suit their tastes. But those who may need more focused assistance and relaxation from discomfort will surely enjoy the Wixinkbed. Zoned coils, regardless of how you prefer to sleep, adhere tightly to your body and ease any discomfort.


In my study of mattresses for side sleepers with shoulder pain, the Vocado mattress is because it can help you with easy sleep in any place and is 100% eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. The Vocado is available in two variants for firmness: Hard and Plush. For more cradling, the latter contains a pillow-top. Tempered steel coils with a hardened perimeter act as a supporting heart of the mattress in both cases. Conforming properties and breathability are the responsibility of the natural latex substrate. Top it with a natural wool layer, and in all sore places you get a bed with outstanding soothing properties and pain relief.

How long can you leave a memory foam mattress in the box? For the answer click on the link. So, what are you waiting for? Order your new mattress today and sleep peacefully.

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